omniQ and EAGL Decrease the Danger of Drive by Shootings at Sporting Events

Sporting Events and Drive-By Shootings – omniQ and EAGL’s Solution

School sports are meant to be a fun way to show school pride, relax with your peers, and have a good time. However, gun violence at school sporting events is increasing. This is not always a student in the stands. It’s just as likely to be a drive-by shooting from the street or the parking lot. 

The thing about a drive-by is that it happens so fast. On top of that the shooter is outside of the reach of any security officers on the premises. For these reasons, standard security measures have failed when it comes to drive-by shootings at sporting events and other public places. 

How do we stop this? If the student was suspended from school his car could be blacklisted with omniQ’s vehicle recognition. Security would be informed once he arrived, and if there was a gate it wouldn’t open. 

If a shot was fired, EAGL can notify every person in the stands via text alert in an instant. It’s not always obvious that you heard a gunshot. By the time you realize it’s not a firework it may be too late. 

Security is sent footage of the shooter, so they can react in the moment. In that same moment, police are notified. Paramedics are on the scene in time to save lives that may otherwise be lost.

EAGL technology and omniQ can end or greatly reduce fatalities from gun violence in every school and public area where the systems are installed.