EAGL and omniQ – A Solution to Mass Shootings

EAGL Technology and omniQ – A Solution to Mass Shootings

Twenty-one Thousand deaths or injuries have been caused by mass shootings since 2014, according to Aria Bendix, NBC News. omniQ and EAGL Technology’s partnership presents a solution to mass shootings where our products are being used. Mass shootings, in this case, are defined as shootings where 4 or more people are injured or killed, not including the shooter.

Blacklisted Employees

According to a study done by the violence project in many cases, mass shooters are previous employees, students, or in another way had an existing relationship to the site. These types of shootings could be entirely prevented or the severity decreased with early detection and warning systems. 

In this example, the location owner or management can blacklist any employee that was terminated. With Access Control, if there is a gate, the blacklisted person is denied entry. If there is not a gate, an alert is sent to EAGL. From there, depending on the situation, EAGL can lock doors, notify staff, and send updates as needed. 

BOLO (be on the lookout) Vehicles 

Let’s say that this is a case where the shooter started in one location and then moved. In this example, a neighbor called 911 after a domestic violence issue, and the vehicle was added to the BOLO list. If the potential shooter goes to a school, church, or business with omniQ VRS the system will alert EAGL. Who can then notify the police within .5 seconds of the car being detected.

What if it Still Becomes an Active Shooter Situation?

If it is an active shooter situation, the EAGL system can notify police and everyone in harm’s-way. It is possible to be involved in an active shooter situation and not know what’s happening. Getting a text notification followed up with a MAP or camera feed from where the shooter is could be the difference between life and death for someone who’s not in the central area where the shooting is happening. The resolution may be to hide where instinct and curiosity may have led them to see what the commotion is about. 

Gunshot detection

In this example, the car was not blacklisted or BOLO listed in any way. Let’s say it was just a normal patron of a grocery store. The first shot fired would be immediately detected by EAGL and the police would be notified. This means that law enforcement will arrive on the scene far sooner than they would if a person had to physically call 911. Due to shock or not having a safe place to make a call from, the police could arrive before a 911 call is even made.