If information is the ultimate currency, then automating data collection is the ultimate hack, that's why Casino's across the nation choose omniQ for access control and strategic data solutions.

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omniQ provides your casino with actionable data as it relates to your customers habits and trends.

  • Gain Deeper Understanding of Your Clientele.
  • Improve the “Custumer Experience".
  • Ehance Your Marketing Strategies.
  • Bennefit from Personalization Optimization.
  • Fortify Your forecasting.

Enhance your loyalty program

Utilize Vehicle Recognition Software

Many of our customers maximize our system by requiring vehicle information as part of their loyalty programs.

  • Staff knows the client is approaching as soon as they enter the parking lot giving ample time to provide the VIP treatment upon entrance.
  • Understand the habits & trends for each individual member.
  • Gaps are staffing can be quickly recognized as an unexpected rush hits, providing management with the opportunity to bring in “on call" staff automatically.


And More !

Integrate with law enforcement

Protect your customers and staff by adding access control features that alert staff or in some cases law enforcement of unwanted visitors.

  • Former/Disgruntled Employees.
  • Members of “Gamblers Anonymous".
  • Vehicles Connected To Crimes such as Amber Alerts, Stolen Vehicles, & Terrorism.
  • Customers banned for theft, misconduct, or other applicable scenarios.

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