Picking Trolleys & Digital Signage

Products do you no good if they sit on shelves. OmniQ makes it easy for your warehouse team to move products out the door. Our specialized picking trolleys let employees make quick work of pulling items off shelves, and digital signage can be managed from a central location and updated with only a few keystrokes.

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Picking Trolleys

No matter the item size or weight, omniQ can make a picking trolley ideal for your specific needs. These rugged carts can combine any hardware you need, from mobile tablets and computers to barcode scanners to scales and more. They can wirelessly connect to your internal systems for even more efficient management of inventory. Each trolley is powered with long-life onboard batteries so your warehouse team doesn’t skip a beat.

A Shufersal picking trolley

The Shufersal supermarket chain uses omniQ trolleys

Digital Signage

Keep your warehouse organized and up-to-date with digital signage from omniQ. From large signs that direct workers to the right products to shelf signs with product descriptions and inventory counts, this signage can be updated from a centralized location – at one warehouse site or across the enterprise – with only a few keystrokes.

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