The omniQ permitting, enforcement, revenue, and collection system (PERCS™) is a cloud-based software solution that uses omniQ LPR for parking permissions, citations, payment collection, and occupancy count. It delivers a complete virtual permit system with the ability to manage your parking operation from any location with internet access. And PERCS integrates seamlessly with third-party systems for access control, revenue control, and other credential management applications.

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Make Parking Permits Digital

PERCS uses omniQ's VRS technology to turn a vehicle's license plate and other attributes – such as vehicle make and color –  into the parking permit. With PERCS, hang tags and stickers become a thing of the past. The system allows administrators to manage users, citations, appeals, parking groups, and parking lots as well as invoices. You can also track payments, perform system audits and run multiple predesigned and custom reports.

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A Better User Experience

PERCS lets users manage permit details, vehicles, and payment options while allowing them to manage multiple vehicles and share permits between vehicles. They can even have a registered credit card on their account to pay for invoices and citations.

Secure Payment Processing

Credit card payments are processed via multiple payment solutions to any customer approved processor. Recurring payments are processed via a tokenized billing system meeting all PCI compliance requirements.

Database Management

The PERCS open architecture allows for easy communication with multiple external systems, thus creating a complete permit and citation system incorporating all parking types – gated or ungated, off-street, metered on-street, temporary visitors, and special events.

Citation Management

All parking violations and respective fees are saved in omniQ's eCite Pro citation management module, which is synchronized with PERCS and made accessible to authorized administrators. eCite Pro is available to integrate with third party processing companies or citation processing services. Additionally, the citation letter generation feature includes custom notices, escalation schedules, search and pay by users as well as the ability to add your organization's branding and unique web experience.

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