Route Management

Route Planning

Determining optimum route assignments for your fleet – identifying product, truck, and driver availability as well as understanding road conditions – is the key to exceeding customer delivery expectations. OmniQ route-planning solutions can help you determine which trucks in your fleet are traveling over the right roads with the right products at the right times. This reduces the number of trucks needed and the number of miles traveled – saving you fuel and maintenance costs. Our business analytics can help you further optimize the process over time.

Route Execution Optimization

Once routes have been determined, trucks assigned, and stops ordered, omniQ’s advanced driving optimization software will tell your driver which route is best for each stop. Standard on-truck mapping capabilities are often insufficient for this task, because they do not account for route restrictions (crucial when transporting hazardous materials), truck size (important for road and bridge limitations), detours, and continuously changing traffic conditions. OmniQ’s solution can ensure the next stop is always as quick as possible, minimizing surprises and delays.

Telematics And Vehicle Performance

With vehicles becoming smarter every year, it’s important to take advantage of that technology to optimize efficiency. A telematics solution from omniQ does just that. It allows you to monitor driver performance by tracking hard breaks, speeding, and other undesirable driver behavior so you can improve safety and efficiency via training and coaching. More advanced systems offer cameras to detect road conditions and proximity to other vehicles, warning drivers in real time of potential issues. OmniQ telematics even allows you to plan for maintenance – before something breaks down. Finally, omniQ solutions can couple with electronic logging devices (ELDs) to track time on the road and hours of service (HOS).

Pickup, Transit, and Delivery Tracking Solutions

OmniQ offers a number of solutions that allow you to track where packages are at any stage of transit, keeping your customers informed and happy. Our automated pickup and delivery systems allow drivers to scan tracking numbers for verification, collect signatures on a mobile computer, and send them wirelessly with a date, time, and location stamp. You can also see the location of every truck in your fleet, and receive alerts to address issues. And automated proof of delivery means you can reduce errors, improve driver productivity, and keep customers informed.

Route Edge Automated Pickup and Delivery Systems

Route Edge software is an enterprise-class solution designed to improve performance during the delivery, invoicing, and merchandising process. It allows configuration and control of enterprise routes, customers, products, and more. Route Edge can help increase visibility to your inventory for better management, reduce returns and out-of-stocks, eliminate paperwork and administration, and improve customer service.

In-Transit Visibility

In-transit data is valuable so that you can see how execution matches your plans – and make necessary adjustments. omniQ solutions can let you view the real-time GPS locations of your fleet – and even the containers inside the trucks. This tracking data can be saved to determine activity after the fact. Alerts can be configured to notify you of any situation, such as on-road assistance or truck transfers. Geo-mapping provides location-based alerts, such as when a truck is at its destination or when it enters a no-drive zone.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery in real time increases customer confidence, speeds up the billing cycle, and eliminate customer disputes regarding delivery times. OmniQ’s Route Edge software offers highly configurable proof-of-delivery solutions. These include signature capture on a mobile computer, which allows for real-time delivery confirmation as well as receipt and invoice generation. Drivers can also scan all barcoded packaging, and even take photos of the package at its delivery location or any damaged merchandise.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Using real-time customer information and sales history, omniQ direct store delivery (DSD) solutions minimize returns and out-of-stocks by providing the right combination of products in the right amounts at the right time. The tool uses sales history, previous promotions, seasonal fluctuations, shelf space, and even weather conditions to help you forecast the right product mix for specific time frames. The DSD solution automatically generates invoices and allows vendors to transmit invoice details into the retailer’s system using a DEX connection.

Inventory Management On the Road

Avoid losing high-value and returnable assets with inventory management solutions from omniQ. Track inventory on the truck and at delivery sites. RFID allows drivers to quickly scan valuable and returnable assets, even if they’re not immediately visible in a full trailer. Systems are available that can automatically detect when key assets are no longer within range of the truck, alerting you so that you can minimize losses.

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