Evolutionary access control

The Secure Access Control Module, enables more effective monitoring, security and management of access control operations for critical sites, border crossings, government buildings, national infrastructure facilities, gated communities, hospitals and universities, corporate campuses, hotels and resorts, and shopping malls.

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Vehicle Recognition Software

Vehicle Recognition Software from omniQ captures the license plate, jurisdiction, make, model, & color of the vehicle and simultaneously cross references permits, designated watch lists, & even law enforcement hot lists.

  • Automatic Entry is given to registered vehicles and visitors.
  • Access is restricted to any revoked or unwanted vehicles.
  • In some cases Law Enforcement is automatically contacted for assistance with an emergency.


Available on all smart devices

  • Automated entry and exit of vehicles based on license plate and other vehicle data.
  • System will open and close the gate automatically based on permission lists.
  • Data base management of multiple lists; red, white, guest or temporary.
  • Scalable multi-site management.
  • Real time alerts based on predefined criteria and interaction with external databases.
  • Rich reporting and statistical analysis capabilities.
  • Versatile integration capabilities with numerous third parties.
  • Reporting of numerous vehicle parameters ; license plate, time, date, location.
  • Ease of installation and set up.


  • Secure and automated flow of traffic in and out of the facility.
  • Easing of bottlenecks to visitors.
  • Increased security to the site owner/operator.
  • Central management of subscribers/permission lists and temporary/alert lists.
  • Alerts in multiple formats on multiple platforms.
  • True IP imaging units with live streaming for
  • 24/7 operation.
  • Operational in all environments and license plate types.

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