More than 80% of crimes involve a vehicle, which means 24/7 eyes on the roads & visibility at vulnerable locations such as schools and government buildings is vital, Qshield the force multiplier offers exactly that. Our solution has solved many crimes in under 24 hours, recovered stolen vehicles, automatically and unbiasedly enforced violations, recovered missing persons, prevented crimes from happening before they had a chance to, and more.

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Vehicle Recognition Software from omniQ captures the license plate, jurisdiction, make, model, & color of the vehicle and simultaneously cross references local and national hot lists. Law Enforcement is able to take quick action in any situation where a vehicle has been reported in connection with amber alerts, silver alerts, stollen vehicles & more.

Qshield also automatically issues citations for uninsured & unregistered vehicles, freeing up time and agency resources and maximizing collection of community funds.

Database Integration


Law Enforcement Agencies rely heavily on the information from many different criminal databases. Having this information integrate with their LPR solution is key to have real time actionable intelligence. The omniQ solution allows for easy integration into any database while remaining CJIS compliant.


We know it can be hard for cities to afford new technology. That’s why we created a way for them to implement our systems while still benefiting from the revenue generated from our products. We provide everything you need upfront, you pay it back with a percentage of the revenue generated by our solution.


6 Month Results in Adrian, Georgia:

– Solved 23 convenience store thefts.

– Reduced “Gas Drive Off’s" by 99.99%.

– Assisted in tracking a missing person, and returned   him home in 3 hours.

– Significantly increased collection of unregistered motorist fees.

and more.

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