Vehicle Recognition

License plate recognition (LPR) is very useful, but vehicle recognition is better. omniQ's vehicle recognition solutions (VRS) allow you to gather additional vehicle information: the license plate jurisdiction as well as the vehicle make and color. For parking and access control, that means even more intelligence – and functionality – you can use.

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SeeNN and SeeControl

The Tech Behind
Vehicle Recognition

Turning a camera image into actionable intelligence requires cutting-edge technology. Enter SeeNNTM, omniQ’s proprietary, AI-based, deep-learning neural network algorithm. SeeNN imitates the pattern recognition and decision-making capabilities of the human brain, and is capable of the highest level of performance for vehicle recognition. It is the driver behind omniQ’s comprehensive SeeControlTM VRS management suite, which transforms vehicle and license plate data into valuable real-time information for quick and effective decision-making, alerts, and activity reporting.

Hardware for Vehicle Recognition

Imaging Units

The omniQ imaging units are IP cameras engineered specifically for vehicle recognition. They offer customized illumination for optimum performance in low light and all weather conditions. Each imaging unit provides precision and efficiency in parking and access control applications.

Lane Controllers

A critical part of any vehicle recognition solution, omniQ lane controllers process image data and send it to the VRS software. They also communicate with the imaging units, sending information such as event triggers.

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