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OmniQ Group is a renowned and influential consortium of industry leaders, dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive transformative changes across the globe. Our divisions are invaluable pillars in their respective industries, marked by a few key elements that make them stand out.

In Smart Supply, we offer the world's most innovative and crucial supply chain hardware from top-rated brands, paired with our patented AI technology. We cater to customers of all sizes, who prioritize speed, accuracy, dependability, and innovation.

Our first-of-its-kind cloud-based parking system, PERCS, is powered by our highly acclaimed Vehicle Recognition AI, which streamlines parking operations by digitizing physically demanding and time-consuming tasks. It is a scalable, user-friendly, and precise solution that is both credible and reliable.

Smart Security boasts our battle-tested, AI-driven system that has saved lives, recovered community revenue, protected the vulnerable, reduced crime, and more. We are the force multiplier that bridges the gaps where human limitations restrict effective safety and enforcement.

Our subsidiary, Dangot, is a well-known name in Israel, providing innovative retail solutions. Smart Kiosk extends their reach globally, bringing automation and revenue generation opportunities to clients worldwide. From small restaurants to governments, Dangot's products are widely acclaimed and revolutionize the customer experience.

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Board members

Our board is filled with an impressive group, rich in culture and experience.


Shai Lustgarten

Shai S. Lustgarten, was appointed the Company’s CEO in April 2017. Mr. Lustgarten had been the Chief Executive Officer of omniQ Image Processing Inc..

Board Member

Mina Teacher

Mina has held many leadership roles in academia and science, including serving as Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology.

Board Member

Yaron Shalem

Mr. Shalem previously occupied the position of Chief Financial Officer of OrganiTech USA, Inc., Chief Financial Officer for T.A.T. Industries Ltd.,

Board Member

Guy Elhanani

Mr. Elhanani is a qualified veteran CFO with over 20 years of experience as CFO in various multinational companies

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