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Our Story

The omniQ Group is a dominant force of industry leaders looking to transform the world though advanced technology.

The following are a few key elements that make each of our divisions valuable pillars in their respective industries.

  • Smart Supply: We are the most innovative supplier of the most important system in the world. We offer supply chain hardware from the best brands, accompanied by our patented AI for customers large and small who value speed, accuracy, dependability, & innovation.
  • Smart Parking: The first-ever cloud-based parking system (PERCS) that uses our highly awarded Vehicle Recognition AI to improve parking operations by eliminating physically demanding and time-consuming tasks by making them digital. It is credible, reliable, scalable, user-friendly, & accurate.
  • Smart Security: Our battle-proven AI-based system has saved lives, recovered community revenue, protected the vulnerable, reduced crime, & more. We are the force multiplier that fills in the gaps where human limitations hinder effective safety and enforcement.
  • Smart Kiosk: Our subsidiary Dangot is a household name in Israel providing the best & most innovative retail solutions. From the smallest restaurant to the Israeli government you will find their products everywhere. We are extending their reach around the globe bringing their innovations to clients who want to automate operations, increase revenue, & revolutionize the customer experience.

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Our most newsworthy moments are curated here. Whether it's acquisitions, million dollar deals, or saving lives, this is the place to find it all.

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Board members

Our board is filled with an impressive group, rich in culture and experience.


Shai Lustgarten

Shai S. Lustgarten, was appointed the Company’s CEO in April 2017. Mr. Lustgarten had been the Chief Executive Officer of omniQ Image Processing Inc..


Neev Nissenson

Neev Nissenson became a director of the Company in April 2017 and was appointed CFO of the Company in October 2019...

Independent Director

Andrew J. MacMillan

Andrew J. MacMillan became a director of the Company in April 2017. He is a corporate communications professional with 20 years of...

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