If information is the ultimate currency, then automating data collection is the ultimate hack. We have your bottom line in mind, with our smart retail solution you can capture game-changing data and intelligently apply it to revenue-enhancing opportunities.

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omniQ provides your business with real time data as it relates to your consumer's habits and trends.

  • Gain Deeper Understanding of Your Market.
  • Improve Your Consumers Experience.
  • Enhance Your Marketing Strategies.
  • Benefit from Personalization Optimization.
  • Fortify Your forecasting.

Enhance your loyalty program

Utilize Vehicle Recognition Software

Many of our customers maximize their data collection by requiring vehicle information as part of their loyalty programs

  • Staff knows the client is approaching as soon as they enter the parking lot, they can greet them by name & offer to begin their most ordered item.
  • If the customer is visiting the location for item pick-up, staff can quickly gather pick up items and deliver to the customer with an added layer of security, knowing the item is connected to that specific vehicle.
  • Gaps are staffing can be quickly recognized as an unexpected rush hits, providing management with the opportunity to bring in “on call" staff automatically.


And More!

Integrate with law enforcement

Protect your customers and staff by adding access control features that alert staff or in some cases law enforcement of unwanted visitors.

  • Former/disgruntled employees.
  • Vehicles connected to crimes such as Amber Alerts, stolen vehicles, & terrorism.
  • Customers banned for theft, misconduct, or other applicable scenarios.

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