Digital Tire Chalking

Enforcing parking time limits by manually chalking a vehicle’s tire is a time-consuming, labor-intensive operation. Digital chalking makes use of omniQ cameras and vehicle recognition software (VRS) to note when a vehicle has arrived and when it has overstayed its welcome. It's a solution that can even automatically issue citations.

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A High-Tech Solution to an Old Problem

With an omniQ digital chalking solution, omniQ imaging units and vehicle recognition software (VRS) records when a vehicle parks, notes its license plate, and identifies the location of the valve stem on one of the vehicle’s tires. The valve stem location replaces the chalk. After the parking time limit has passed, the system checks the valve stem location again. If it has not changed, that would indicate that the vehicle has remained in its parking spot beyond the allotted time limit, and the driver can be fined.

Automatically Issue Citations

The omniQ digital chalking solution fully integrates with PERCS, which allows the system to automatically issue citations to offenders. In on-street parking applications, it can connect to governmental databases such as the DMV, which can in turn issue citations based upon the vehicle’s license plate.

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