The Best equipment at the best price

Look no further for the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain equipment in the industry. From barcode scanners to printers and everything in-between.

AI Meets Warehouse Management

With same-day shipping requirements and fierce competition, your warehousing operation needs to find ways to deliver while still being profitable. Let omniQ’s AI-driven technology help you overcome warehouse challenges and achieve fast fulfillment, optimized space utilization, and an especially productive workforce.

Transportation & Logistics Solutions

Transportation and logistics solutions from omniQ help you improve efficiency throughout the entire distribution process – from product shipment to transportation to customer receipt.

Picking Trolleys & Digital Signage

Products do you no good if they sit on shelves. OmniQ makes it easy for your warehouse team to move products out the door. Our specialized picking trolleys let employees make quick work of pulling items off shelves, and digital signage can be managed from a central location and updated with only a few keystrokes.

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