Food And Beverage Logistics Solutions

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omniQ offers a full suite of hardware and software to the food and beverage logistics industry

omniQ is a leading provider of food and beverage logistics solutions and that’s why a number of large companies in the industry choose to partner with us. We specialize in food and beverage tracking, traceability, as well as controls and recall management functionalities that ensure proper compliance.

Food And Beverage Logistics Solutions

omniQ offers food manufacturers, supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses, food processors, and wholesalers a variety of food and beverage logistics solutions including:

Configurable Applications

Our software applications feature inventory tracking, food tracking and traceability features, and automatic ordering.

Mobile Computers

We supply ruggedized mobile computers designed to keep workers connected regardless of where they are — even in harsh environments including refrigerated and freezer applications.

Barcode Scanners

Solutions from omniQ make data collection and asset tracking easy for applications such as food ordering, shelf price audits, and markdowns.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Vehicle mounted computers give workers access to data and business applications on the spot, without having to return to a stationary terminal. They can be paired with thermal transfer printers and handheld scanners at processing and packing stations for added functionality.

Mobile Printers

Save steps and valuable time by enabling workers to print labels and barcodes right where they are needed. Mobile printers are vital to a number of processes including those that use product lot, product number, and compliance labeling.

Barcode Labels And Tags

omniQ offers print media and supplies that are ideal for mild environments, as well as more durable labels that are designed to withstand liquids, heat, cold, and other harsh environments.

Wireless Networks

omniQ provides and maintains secure and reliable wireless networks to support of your mobile food and beverage logistics solutions.

Direct Store Delivery

omniQ offers comprehensive direct store delivery (DSD) solutions that help you boost sales and improve efficiency. Our DSD solutions combine mobile computers or tablets and barcode scanners that enable your sales reps to confirm deliveries, scan returns, analyze inventory, print receipts, and much more all in real time. Our solutions include inventory management, signature capture, and forecasting capabilities, and we can configure the solution to meet your business’s unique needs.

Proof of Delivery

omniQ’s configurable proof of delivery solutions use signature capture, barcode scanning, date/time stamps, and even GPS to help food and beverage companies verify deliveries, produce receipts or invoices, and record the condition of the products. omniQ offers customers a complete POD solution, including staging, kitting, and delivery for a variety of rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, and more.

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