Smart Kiosks for Retail

Deploy rugged omniQ digital solutions inside or outside your location to streamline all your retail operations. Give customers the flexibility to handle routine tasks such as paying for goods or services on their own, freeing your employees to handle more pressing duties. Make waiting for appointments more pleasant and informative for customers. Even sell more effectively using electronic shelf labels and digital signage you can update across multiple store locations with only a few keystrokes. All from the company you trust for providing cutting-edge digital solutions for business.

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Self-Service Kiosks

OmniQ self-service kiosks allow customers to place orders and make payments. Each unit’s interface can be completely customized to seamlessly match your store design and branding while reducing customer wait time and improving the customer experience. And it frees up your employees to handle more critical tasks.

Queue Management

Improve your customers’ waiting experience with queue management systems from omniQ. These solutions combine rugged computers with free-standing or wall-mounted hardware and related peripherals to make your customers’ wait time stress-free. Whether it’s printing information, allowing customers to make appointments, letting guests check in, or running a paging system, queue management systems from omniQ will help you keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

Electronic Shelf Labels & Digital Signage

Whether you have one store location or hundreds, omniQ digital signage and electronic shelf labels can help you keep pricing and promotions up to date. Update shelf labels and signs for all sites or just a few from a central location with only a few keystrokes. Not only can you avoid customer confusion but you free up employee time to focus on store operations.

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