LPR-Enabled Parking

Parking solutions enabled by license plate recognition (LPR) are superior to traditional parking approaches in a number of ways. For starters, they are ticketless or rather, the license plate is the ticket. This makes them particularly efficient while avoiding issues related to lost tickets, ticket switching, and tailgating. An omniQ LPR-enabled solution means superior technology backed by years of experience and successful deployments around the world.

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Manage Parking, Control Revenue,

An omniQ LPR-enabled parking solution is ideal for commercial parking operations that want centralized billing, management, and monitoring. The solution uses omniQ LPR to compare license plate reads against a centrally managed database of authorized vehicles for fast and automatic entry and exit. Because the omniQ solution can integrate with your PARC system in real time, vehicle verification is even easier. That integration also ensures you can accurately bill customers.

Modern Airports Require Modern Solutions

LPR-enabled parking systems can automate airport parking operations, improving traveler satisfaction, increasing security, and driving revenue. From gate access systems to mobile systems and handheld units that help monitor and manage parking lots, omniQ can support parking at the modern airport. And omniQ solutions have already been deployed at 60 U.S. airports.

Digital Chalking Solutions

Stop expending valuable time and resources manually chalking tires to identify parking offenders. Instead, let omniQ's digital chalking solution do the heavy lifting – up to and including issuing electronic citations, automatically.

Effectively Manage Parking Inventory

No matter the size of your operation, parking spaces are limited. An LPR-driven parking solution from omniQ can make you more efficient and effective at planning operational processes and managing space allocation. The omniQ Inventory Control Suite generates statistical reports about parking rates and vehicle occupancy to assist owners and operators in their financial planning. It can also report on the current length of stay for a vehicle, the average length of stay over a given time period, and how often the vehicle visits the parking facility. Proactive alerts notify you of problematic vehicles, such as those that have remained parked too long.

Mitigate Vehicle Damage Liability

The omniQ Vehicle Inspection Package (VIP) allows parking operators to cost effectively document, store, retrieve, review, verify, and report on the condition of each vehicle upon entry and exit. This allows you to assess the validity of any damage claims. It does this via omniQ's vehicle recognition system (VRS), which captures data about the entire vehicle, not just the license plate. 

Additional benefits of the omniQ VIP include more effective vehicle retrieval by valets along with parking spot and process management.

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LPR-enabled parking systems are perfect for campus safety, access control, permitting, and so much more. Download our data sheets to learn more.

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