LPR-Enabled Access Control

Using omniQ LPR to control access vehicle access to your facilities means more effective monitoring, security, and management. SeeSecure™, omniQ's feature-rich VRS access control system, provides easy and flexible integration, installation, and configuration as well as valuable reporting, informative statistics, and robust monitoring. It is fully web-enabled, supporting these functions from any standard browser.

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Secure, Automated Traffic Flow

omniQ access control solutions mean traffic in and out of your facility is secure and automatic, easing bottlenecks for visitors. Administrators can manage subscriber/permission lists and alert lists from a central interface. Alerts are deployed in multiple formats across several platforms. And because our imaging units offer live streaming, you can always monitor operations in real time, 24/7/365.

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Virtual Loops Simplify Installation

With an omniQ access control solution, physical ground loops are not necessary. Our virtual loop technology means that physical ground loops do not need to be cut into the pavement, dramatically simplifying the installation and reducing costs. omniQ's solution is AI machine vision-based and virtually detects objects and identifies the vehicles, ignoring foot traffic.

Key Features

Available on all smart devices

  • Automated entry and exit of vehicles based on license plate and other vehicle data
  • System will open and close the gate automatically based on permission lists
  • Data base management of multiple lists; red, white, guest or temporary
  • Scalable multi-site management
  • Real time alerts based on pre-defined criteria and interaction with external databases
  • Rich reporting and statistical analysis capabilities
  • Versatile integration capabilities with numerous third parties
  • Reporting of numerous vehicle parameters ; license plate, time, date, location
  • Ease of installation and set up.
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