omniQ’s AI network uses human-like pattern recognition and decision-making to create valuable insights that can help optimize and scale any parking structure. This information is accessible using SeeControlTM on any mobile or desktop device.

Create real-time alerts & set up rules, all while detecting anomalies and creating reporting. For example, let’s say you own a parking garage in a very congested business area, so you wanted to offer a discount for carpooling. If there are two or more passengers detected in the vehicle, you could offer that discount.

Next, let’s say you’re planning to expand your garage, so you need to know how many compact cars are visiting your garage vs full-sized. This would be an easy metric to see on average, but also tracking the return visits per type of car, and the amount of time it takes each type of car to park, could tell you if your garage is suited for the traffic you already have or if some cars are finding it difficult to park.

Also, if a garage is closed at a certain time, detecting movement after this time could be a useful alert. Stream footage directly to your phone or desktop computer and get reports about these anomalies. With the addition of gunshot detection, bolo lists, and black lists, police can be alerted immediately of security threats.

Using the SeeControlTM you can set up alerts that give you real-time information when something isn’t quite right or for any other business need. 

The omniQ solution

Our hardware and software solutions are designed to be used as a complement to existing systems or as a stand-alone solution; whichever is best for you.

SeeControlTM is one component of a complete solution to parking needs. VRS cameras, lane controllers, parking kiosks, access control, and more are available allowing parking management to have full-control of the parking experience you provide.

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