When there is a long line at a drive-through restaurant do you ask yourself, do I really want to go here? Most people do. Unfortunately for businesses sometimes the answer is no. Customers are going somewhere that they won’t have to wait. AI Data can help fast-food restaurants solve these issues. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

For the first 2-hours of the day cars move through the drive-through slower than the rest of the day on average. The bottleneck happens when customers order coffee. Management can act on this data. The perfect solution may be one more coffee machine to prevent the bottleneck.

In another example, let’s say 90 cars order a cheeseburger during 12-1 pm, but only 20 cars per hour order one from 2-6 pm. Management can use this information to streamline when food is ready to get customers in and out of the line faster. This both enhances the customer experience and reduces waste created by too much food being made at the wrong time. 

See the Whole Picture

With AI machine vision you can track which cars are coming and going, what they are purchasing, how long they are staying, and trend when they will come back. It would be useful to know that large trucks are no longer visiting your drive-through. Instead, all those customers are going inside. Additionally, every car slows down before approaching the bushes lining where the lane curves. Perhaps the bushes need to be trimmed back because trucks don’t fit anymore without scratching on them.

Another example is that the fast food chain can expect 200 app orders throughout the day, but traditional lane tracking data only shows 175 cars coming through. Some customers were choosing to carpool with coworkers at lunchtime creating a discrepancy. To management, it would look like these 25 cars were taking longer to get through the drive-through than they should. In reality, each of these cars represents two orders, so everything is operating smoothly.

The omniQ system

With omniQ you have access to lane trackers, kiosks, vehicle recognition, and a customizable data dashboard. We offer inside the restaurant and outdoor kiosks so that the customer ordering experience can be fully optimized while delivering management the most accurate and complete actionable data. Every part of the system can be custom-made to best showcase your brand and deliver the results that you need.