Smart Kiosks Can Increase Your Grocery and Retail Revenue

Smart Kiosks Can Increase Grocery and Retail Revenue

Incorporating smart kiosks into your retail and grocery stores has both direct and indirect impacts on revenue in a positive way.

Direct Revenue-Generating Impacts

One big opportunity for incorporating digital kiosks into your stores is advertising. If you are using the kiosks for self-service product finding this is a great opportunity to show customers the sales and promotions that you are currently running.

When using the kiosks for self-checkout this is a great opportunity to upsell items the customer might have ‘forgotten’ This could work in two ways. First, think about the ‘customers also bought’ and ‘frequently bought together’ sections on ecommerce sites. This same information could be used to present items to the customer that they are likely to have an interest in. Next, this is a great opportunity to show customers items that they regularly buy and might have actually forgotten. For example, ‘don’t forget the milk’ or ‘did you need socks today?’

A second revenue-generating impact is in the remarketing and retargeting opportunities created after the customer leaves the store. In this example the customer has created a profile used for loyalty points, to be emailed receipts etc. The way customers interact with promotions and ads on the kiosk will let you know who to send which ads to and how often. Then the impact of the retargeting can be used to further optimize the kiosk ads as well.

Improving Customer Experience

There are a number of ways that adding smart kiosks can indirectly increase grocery and retail revenue. The first one we’ll talk about is improving the customer experience so they’re more likely to return. One way to improve the customer experience through smart kiosks is as simple as asking. A simple ‘rate your experience’ pop-up after the transaction serves as an indicator of how the customer is perceiving the experience already.

A second benefit the smart kiosks provide is accessibility. The most common languages and screen readers can be added to make the shopping experience inclusive to people who may have difficulty communicating with sales staff.

A third benefit to customers is reduced wait times. Long check-out and customer service lines can deter customers from shopping at certain stores if they don’t have enough time or patience to wait. Installing kiosks gives an opportunity for more checkout lines in a smaller space.

Cost Savings

One big impact kiosks have on cost savings is reducing labor costs. It opens the possibility of serving more customers with the same amount of staff. A few attendants could grab the products customers ‘forgot’ while six people are checking out, for example. In that instance you’ll be upselling, improving customer experience, and cost-saving at the same time.

Another opportunity for cost savings is advanced inventory management and sales forecasting. Real-time inventory adjustments made from the moment a customer finds their product on the kiosk or checks out can be linked to the store’s ecommerce site inventory and trigger ordering once the inventory is below par. Allow customers to sign up for an alert when the item is back in stock or preorder the item to be shipped to them. By reducing out-of-stock times and advertising and back ordering you will be able to more accurately see how much of each item would sell if given the best possible opportunity to. If a customer is just looking on a shelf for their size and they don’t see it, the store will never know.

About omniQ kiosks

omniQ kiosks can be customized to the exact needs of the business. You need a queueing kiosk for customer service that can answer common questions and text the customer when it’s their turn, no problem. You need it in red with a big bunny rabbit logo and it has to be mounted to a counter, no problem. You also need it to be able to act as a digital sign that shows ads when not in use, sure. Might we suggest you add a scanner and camera so customers can process their own returns too?

Our kiosks are wifi and Bluetooth compatible, compatible with most third-party applications, have advanced LED screens, can communicate with other items in the store, such as digital signage, and can be customized to suit almost any purpose.