How to Improve Warehouse Operations and the Receiving Process

Imagine a warehouse where every square foot is optimized to perfection. There are a variety of AI and IoT options to improve operations and the receiving process in the warehouse.

Smart Kiosk Options

Picture a bustling warehouse entrance. Trucks arriving, employees clocking in, visitors checking in—this is where a smart kiosk truly shines. As vehicles approach, our smart kiosk can expedite the check-in process with advanced AI recognition technology. It can identify authorized vehicles, swiftly process their entry, and even guide them to designated parking spots using machine vision.
For employees, the smart kiosk serves as an efficient self-service hub. Workers can clock in and access important information like shift schedules and safety protocols and receive real-time alerts.

Inventory Management

When it comes to inventory management, our solutions offer a game-changing advantage. To streamline the receiving process there are two possible solutions: First, consider adding an RFID solution. Instead of manually tracking items and facing the risk of errors, enjoy updated inventory levels and advanced tracking in real time. Another option is machine vision imaging units in key receiving areas. Inventory is added to the database simply by being placed in the receiving area without the use of RFID tags. When a new shipment arrives, the system instantly registers the incoming products. Utilize our partner technologies to quality check

When items are picked for orders, the scanners update the inventory count accurately. Imagine the time and labor savings this brings. No more manual counting, no more searching for misplaced items, and no more costly errors. With our inventory management solution, you gain precise control over your stock levels, reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking, and ensure orders are processed with exceptional efficiency.

Staffing and Security

Now, let’s talk about enhanced security. Access control is paramount to protect your valuable assets. Our access control systems can restrict entry to authorized personnel only, ensuring that your warehouse remains secure. Additionally, you’ll have a record of entries and exits tied to authorized vehicles. You could keep it open but update security if ‘visitors’ have been there longer than the reasonably expected time. Anomaly detection will also send an alert when activity is suspicious around your vehicles. Our machine vision can see day or night and use our SeeNNTM AI to determine anomalies.

Parking and Fleet Management

Our AI-based machine vision parking solutions can help you achieve just that. AI algorithms can intelligently allocate parking spaces for your fleet, ensuring minimal congestion and maximum efficiency. Know the moment when vehicles are parked and where.

Digital Signage

Signs and shelf labels throughout the warehouse can be updated with the click of a button. This makes adding new inventory, moving inventory, or reorganizing easy to manage.
These same signs can be used to regulate traffic flow and direct visitors, or for any other need you may have.

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