License Plate Recognition Access Control – How It Works

How do license plate recognition access control systems work? What features make them superior to other, less secure options? How can you choose the best access control system for your business or residential community? These are just some of the questions you should ask when choosing an access control system, and answers to these questions can be found in this comprehensive guide on license plate recognition access control systems.


omniQ vision solutions have been deployed globally using industry leading technology.

License plate recognition access control systems are essential for gated communities, office buildings, or enterprise facilities to meet safety and security goals. Traditional access control systems rely on key fobs or key cards, which can be misplaced or stolen. In contrast, license plate recognition is designed with robust safety features and superior technology to make gated community access control more effective and efficient. These applications use license plate recognition cameras and specialized software to read and interpret vehicle license plates as they pass through a gate arm entrance system.

While many of our competitors tout robust safety features and cutting-edge technology, omniQ takes pride in bringing new technologies to the market with significant benefits over existing solutions. Our unique system utilizes license plate recognition (LPR) technology to provide access control for gated communities, office buildings, or enterprise facilities. We’ve engineered our readers with superior quality, we can read the make, model, color, & license plate of any vehicle in 100 milliseconds or less allowing residents or employees seamless ingress & egress.

Security at Your Fingertips, Gated communities are becoming more common in North America, particularly in metropolitan areas like Miami, New York City, and Toronto. These closed communities offer security guards who monitor all entrances to ensure that unauthorized cars don’t enter; these guards rely on technology to make their jobs easier. Rather than manually checking car plates or drivers’ licenses, gated community security teams often opt for license plate recognition access control (LPR/AC) systems. When the guards are off the clock, our systems man the gates, anyone unauthorized will not be allowed access to the community.

Personalized control hub. Allows both admins & users to manage virtual permits.

A huge advantage of License Plate Recognition (LPR) access control for office buildings is that, unlike card readers, there are no electronics to jam or misread, No expensive tags to distribute to employees, & no worries disgruntled employees will still have access to the building making LPR a vital role in securing assets. You can even program the system to alert security if a particular vehicle arrives allowing you ample time to notify law enforcement.

As automated license plate recognition technology continues to gain traction, more enterprise companies are looking for access control solutions that take advantage of its enhanced safety features and superior A.I. technology. Knowing who is entering and exiting and knowing the exact details of the vehicle that entered and exited adds a layer of accountability & security like never before. Our systems also include comprehensive graphs and analytics allowing you to find creative ways to maximize your company’s resources. Our equipment is also rugged enough to effectively function in harsh weather conditions as well as high or low lighting.

License plate recognition access control is a great way to bring superior technology and robust safety features to your gated community, office building, or enterprise facility. By installing LPR-powered access control you can improve security while enhancing convenience for residents, employees, and visitors alike. If you want to learn more about omniQ’s access control systems give us a call today or request a demo at!