Key Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Access Control System.

What do borders, gated communities, parking lots, corporate facilities, mixed-use properties, schools, & universities all have in common?

The undebatable need for effective Access Control.

Access Control systems aren’t “one size fits all”. Here are a few key factors to consider when deciding the most efficient way to manage your area.

  1. Does it require key cards or hangtags? If the answer is yes, there is added risk and complications that happen frequently and cost more money. Example lost key cards are expensive to replace & inconvenient to scan in inclement weather. The most ideal system uses the employee, student, or residence vehicle to grant access.
  2. Are scheduling features available? With powerful scheduling features, an access control system allows you to grant access to certain people for specific days and times, as well as for specific lots.
  3. Does it thoroughly log dates & times of arrivals and departures? Is it backed by video footage? A person’s access to a specific area during an incident will be visible to you in the event of an accident or theft. In addition to just securing the area, this feature is useful for gathering information on who enters and exits, when, and how often.
  4. Will it alert authorities if a criminal or black-listed patron attempts to gain access to the premises? Unwanted visitors can often pose a significant threat. Whether it’s a terrorist at the border, a disgruntled employee bent on revenge or an on the run criminal, etc… Proactive security measures should be in place to quickly address the issue & eliminate potential disasters.
  5. Is it easy to use, reliable, and credible? If it isn’t easy to use, durable, reliable, & accurate; You’re throwing money down the drain. Systems like omniQ’s AI-based Qshield & PERCS are easy to use and backed with a guarantee of accuracy.

We hope this list gives you a comprehensive and unique understanding of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the best system that fits your individual needs. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out. Our team of dedicated experts is ready to help!