Zebra Technologies Solutions For Traceability, Automation, And Visual Inspection

OmniQ has partnered with Zebra Technologies for their Traceability, Automation and Visual Inspection solutions. There’s always a drive to improve efficiency, traceability, and quality in any manufacturing, logistics, or packaging operation. But achieving it can be difficult. Especially when industrial automation technologies for fixed industrial scanning or machine vision inspections are often complicated and hard to deploy, configure and manage.

Fortunately, things have changed dramatically with Zebra’s introduction of an entirely new portfolio of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision cameras. Not only are they powerful in terms of their scanning and inspection capabilities, but they’re fast and simple to set up and use.

As a leader in data capture technologies since 1969, Zebra has always pushed the limits of what’s possible in tracking, traceability, and industrial automation. But its new Fixed Industrial Scanning (FIS) and Machine Vision (MV) devices have completely transformed industrial automation and inspection with simplicity and flexibility.

Zebra’s newest industrial automation devices are dual-purpose solutions that provide both fixed scanning and machine vision imaging capabilities. Besides, they combine with Zebra’s super-simple yet powerful Aurora software to help companies achieve track-and-trace, automate processes, and visual inspections on day one.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning Features

With Zebra’s fixed industrial scanners, you can easily install them on production and conveyor lines or any other part of manufacturing and logistics operations. Furthermore, these small devices fit almost anywhere. Even dimensions as tiny as 1” H x 2” D x 1.7” W and 25.4 mm x 51.0 mm x 43.0 mm fit.

Despite their small size, Zebra’s FIS devices pack tremendous scanning capabilities and speed into a rugged device built for tough environments. Zebra’s fixed scanners can capture virtually any 1D or 2D barcode, digital part mark (DPM), or OCR text.

They’re also equipped with lensing, lighting, and fully customizable focal lengths, read ranges, and other options to ensure flawless data capture. Even in tough lighting conditions, tight spaces, or when parts, products, or packages are on the move, you get first-time and trusted decode performance.

Zebra’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging ensures amazingly reliable data capture by extending read ranges and focal distances while allowing larger fields of view. Zebra’s ImagePerfect+ settings will also enable you to adjust focus, exposure gain, and lighting to get exactly the results you need.

Benefits of Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanning for Industrial Automation

Are you scanning tiny barcodes on circuit board subassemblies, DPMs on curved or reflective surfaces? Or even damaged or poorly printed barcodes that are moving fast on conveyor belts? Zebra’s scanning technology can handle even the most difficult applications and delivers impeccable results.

For example, you can scan barcodes, DPMs, or OCR text to identify and trace parts or finished goods moving on conveyors. This feature will allow you to validate that the correct parts or products are being used to ensure compliance. You can also use Zebra FIS devices for robotic packaging and palletization by routing products through a conveyor to specific diverter lines.

Zebra’s hardware and software give you a huge amount of flexibility for different applications, even if you have demanding and custom requirements. Using Zebra’s Aurora software and built-in tools makes configuration as simple as clicking a few sliders and radio buttons. In addition, you can use the account for a wide array of application factors such as:

  • Barcode size and type
  • Barcode colors
  • Available light
  • Scanning distance and angle
  • The number of barcodes (you can scan up to 16 at once!)
  • Read surface area
  • Available space.

Zebra Machine Vision Cameras

One of the great things about Zebra’s new platform is that its devices are all dual-purpose. Besides, with a simple software license upgrade, you can convert any of its fixed scanners into a machine vision camera. There’s no additional hardware or software to buy, deploy or configure.

With Zebra’s imaging technology, you can automate visual inspections and automatically check parts, labels, or finished products against specifications. You’ll be able to confirm whether correct parts are being used or installed in finished goods. Assemblies or subassemblies will validate that key production processes have been completed, and they’ll also automate component or product counts.

Furthermore, you can use Zebra MV cameras for a wide range of applications, including

  • Label quality inspection
  • Package seal inspection
  • Bottle cap inspection
  • Foreign material or contaminant detection
  • Cosmetic defect detection
  • Case code reading
  • Assemble and kitting checks
  • Much more.

Zebra’s sophisticated and automated image analysis allows you to inspect captured images by:

  • Measurement
  • Defect analysis
  • Pattern matching
  • OCR text recognition

It’s a great way to reduce the time, labor, and potential errors that are frequently a problem with manual visual inspections. And you can improve product quality almost overnight. Zebra’s hardware and software make it incredibly easy to get up and running.

Simplifying Setup and Integration

Many companies who use or have tried to use fixed scanning and machine vision solutions have often been frustrated. Reasons for frustration include how complex solutions are to deploy, how outdated and clunky the required software is, and the limitations of different hardware.

Sometimes it takes an entire patchwork of solutions to get your desired results, as well as the whole process is a big headache. But Zebra has swept away all the headaches and hassles with a superior hardware platform. With modern and intuitive software, its design is based on the input given by real users.

There were three things that customers told Zebra they really wanted when it came to fixed scanning and machine vision. Zebra’s solutions deliver on all three:

1. Easy to set up

With Zebra’s devices, there’s just one software platform for both fixed scanning and machine vision. And it doesn’t take days or weeks to set up, configure and deploy your jobs.

Setting up your jobs and devices is as automated and user-friendly as possible. With out-of-the-box hardware, intuitive software sliders, radio buttons for adjustments, and tutorials and videos to walk you through the whole process.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user who needs quick access to powerful customization and controls, it’s all available at your fingertips. You’re just a few clicks away!

2. Easy to deploy

Zebra’s FIS and MV solutions are designed for out-of-the-box simplicity and flexibility. Like this, you can install your devices where you need them and configure them with automated programming tools. You’ll start getting trusted decoding performance and visual inspection results within no time.

3. Easy to integrate

Zebra’s devices come with all the built-in network protocols you need to easily integrate your devices with any common PLC or host system, including:

  • USB-C, Serial or Ethernet communication
  • Support for Ethernet IP, ProfiNet, CC-Link, ModBus and TCP/IP
  • Fully customizable I/O
  • Multiple ways to connect to power via 24VDC, USB-C or PoE.

You can also seamlessly integrate Zebra MV devices with third-party software applications and systems such as your MES or ERP.

Where to Learn More About Zebra FIS and MV Solutions

To learn more about traceability, industrial automation processes, and visual inspections with Zebra’s FIS and MV solutions, visit our solution page now. Download a complete brochure and access videos and other quick references.

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