The Visionary Behind Our Smart Kiosks – Meet Itzik!

We decided to spotlight Itzik Levi, one of the inspirational members of our Dangot team in Israel. 

The Visionary Behind our Smart Kiosks - Meet Itzik

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Itzik is no less than a luminary when it comes to self-service kiosks. His commitment and passion for the kiosk industry began in the early days of his career. As he was completing his degree, he showcased his visionary outlook in 2004 by publishing a pioneering paper on the future of self-service products. The potential and innovation captured in that paper didn’t go unnoticed, as it quickly grabbed the attention of a major signage manufacturer in Israel.  

The Inception of a Kiosk Legacy

With a desire to revolutionize the kiosk landscape, Itzik embarked on a new journey with the signage company, where he initiated and led their first-ever kiosk division. During this phase, he formed a robust supplier-customer relationship. The synergy and combined industry expertise became a cornerstone for the division’s growth.

The Dangot Era

Eleven years ago, destiny had bigger plans for Itzik. Recognizing his unparalleled expertise, Dangot approached Itzik with an irresistible offer – to spearhead and establish the Smart kiosks division at Dangot. 

itzik sailing on the ocean

Itzik seized the opportunity, and under his leadership, our kiosk division has witnessed immense growth and innovation. Today, with the same unwavering enthusiasm, Itzik is optimistic about the expansive horizons of self-service kiosks.

Beyond the Work Desk

Outside of his groundbreaking professional achievements, Itzik, at 46, is a doting father to his 12-year-old son. He recently acquired his “Skipper” License and can be seen hitting the water when he isn’t revolutionizing the tech world.

In Conclusion

Itzik’s story is a testament to what vision, dedication, and relentless hard work can achieve. He’s not just an asset to Dangot but a true inspiration for all of us at OmniQ. We’re fortunate to have such a seasoned and passionate professional leading one of our key divisions.

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