OMNIQ Recognized by Mountain West Capital Network as one of the Utah 100

It’s a moment of honor for us at omniQ as we share some exciting news as one of the recipients of the Utah 100 Award. This prestigious recognition has placed us at number 66 on the list, a testament to our dedication, hard work, and the incredible support we’ve received from our customers and employees. 

Understanding the Utah 100 Award

 The Utah 100 Award is a well-respected honor that is given by the MountainWest Capital Network to the fastest-growing companies in the state of Utah. It’s an honor that signifies the remarkable progress and success of businesses operating in this region. And we’re thrilled to be among the awardees. A significant factor in determining the awardees is their revenue growth over a five-year period. Companies that demonstrate substantial financial progress and sustainability are more likely to be considered for this honor.


Headquartered in Utah, Serving the World

We were considered for this award because we’re a publicly traded company, headquartered in Salt Lake City. Our reach stretched far beyond Utah though. We operate internationally, providing innovative technology solutions across the globe. Our largest division is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our solutions have transformed industries such as transportation, logistics, supply chain, and retail. From the scenic landscapes of Utah to the bustling cities in Europe, Asia, South America, and the middle east, our technology has made its mark. The Utah 100 Award reflects our commitment to not just be a local success but a global one.

Our Diverse Customer Base

At OMNIQ, our success can be attributed to our diverse customer base. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best organizations in the parking, security, technology, government, retail, and restaurant sectors. 

helping them leverage our technology for better efficiency and security. Our customers range from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Whether it’s enabling smarter transportation and logistics with our comprehensive solutions or enhancing safety and security with our cutting-edge technology, our customers have been our driving force. Their trust in us fuels our commitment to innovation.

Employee Dedication: Our Driving Force

In the heart of every successful organization, there are dedicated employees who bring the company’s vision to life. At OMNIQ, we owe our growth and success to our incredible team. Their passion, hard work, and commitment to excellence have been pivotal in achieving the Utah 100 Award.

Our employees hail from diverse backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives to our projects. Their talent and dedication have made OMNIQ a dynamic and innovative company. We are proud to say that our team members are our greatest assets.


Receiving the Utah 100 Award has been a significant milestone in our journey. It’s a recognition of our efforts, our commitment to our customers, and the dedication of our employees. While we are headquartered in Utah, our impact is felt far and wide, and our presence is global. We’re excited to continue our journey, delivering innovative solutions, and contributing to the success of our customers and the state of Utah. Thank you for joining us in celebrating this remarkable achievement.