A Look at the New MC9400 Industrial Mobile Computer

omniQ® is committed to bringing our customers the right solutions whether it be our own manufactured products or those made by our partners. Every year, new industrial mobile computers hit the market with new features and capabilities, but Zebra’s new MC9400 ultra-rugged device has introduced one of the biggest leaps in performance and capabilities that we’ve seen in a decade.

With three-times faster Wi-Fi, more than twice the computing power, longer barcode-scanning range, stronger security, and an array of other huge improvements, these devices have already moved to the top of our list of recommended mobile solutions for warehouses, manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses where rugged gun-style handhelds are needed.

In this quick overview, our industrial mobility experts at omniQ will walk you through the best new features and improvements that the MC9400 series offers, and we’ll show you how you can arrange a free demo, get full specs and specialized pricing, and determine if an upgrade to the MC9400 is right for you.

What’s New with Zebra’s MC9400 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

If you’re currently using an older device from Zebra’s MC9000 series, you probably already know just how reliable, durable and high-performing Zebra’s hardware can be. But the new MC9400 ultra-rugged mobile computer comes at a time when computer processing, Wi-Fi, 5G wireless, Bluetooth, battery, operating system, and barcode scanning technologies are making huge leaps forward.

This has allowed Zebra to produce a new device that delivers far more processing power, far greater connection speed, capacity and reliability, and significantly better overall performance than any previous device series. It’s not just a typical upgrade: it’s like getting several years of innovation, all at once.

Here are some of the biggest highlights of what makes this device series so different:

2.5x Processing Power and 50% More RAM

Thanks Qualcomm octa-core 2.4 GHz processors, 6GB RAM, and 128 GB Flash memory, you get two-and-a-half times more processing power and a 50% increase in RAM, which means you can run the most resource-intensive next-generation industrial apps with lightning-fast app response times. You can run multiple apps simultaneously without missing a beat.

3x Faster Wireless Connections with Wi-Fi 6E

We’re now in the sixth generation of Wi-Fi technology, which allows networks and devices to achieve dramatically faster speeds and more bandwidth and capacity. In fact, with the MC9400’s Wi-Fi 6E technology, you get three times faster connections, four times more bandwidth and capacity, and three times the available spectrum. It’s a complete game-changer for app response, data streaming, and real-time wireless video and audio communication.

Private and Public 5G Wireless Support

The MC9400 is the first gun-style mobile device to support both private and public 5G wireless. Many companies are taking advantage of CBRS bands to deploy their own private 5G wireless networks in their industrial and field operations, so they don’t have to rely on expensive and unreliable third-party providers. The MC9400 supports these private networks as well as more conventional 5G wireless providers, and you can even switch between private and public networks since the MC9400 has both nano SIM and eSIM card support.

Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity

The MC9400 comes with the newest Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 technology. Hence, you get higher-quality connections with the latest security, and it’s delivered with increased energy efficiency, to help you minimize your device’s battery usage.

Longer Barcode Scanning Range of 100 Feet

The MC9400 now provides the farthest range of any scanner on the market and can scan 1D and 2D barcodes from an amazing 100 feet. It also features a new green laser aimer for seven times better visibility, which is great when you need to scan barcodes from so far away.

Optical Character Recognition with Wedge Scanning

The built-in scanner on the MC9400 doesn’t just scan 1D/2D barcodes from long range. It can also recognize optical characters, so you can push a button and easily capture alphanumeric characters in container, tire, VIN and other ID numbers.

Push-to-Talk and Secure Text Messaging

If you add Zebra’s optional Workcloud Communication software to your device, you get access to instant push-to-talk communication, group chats, and file and image sharing, all through a simple, all-in-one solution. It’s ideal for real-time team collaboration and communication, without having to juggle additional devices or deal with different software applications.

Choice of Seven Keypads for Efficient Data Entry

The MC9400 is a touchscreen device, but it also includes a rugged industrial keypad for optional data entry. In fact, there are seven different keypads you can choose, to match the right keypad to your data entry processes and make everything easier and more efficient.

Fast-Charging Hot-Swappable Battery

Long shifts with scanning-intensive workflows and resource-intensive mobile apps are a constant reality in industrial operations, so Zebra has built the MC9400 with its PowerPrecision+ 7000 mAh battery, which delivers longer life and is hot-swappable. This way, you can quickly and easily remove the battery while your device and apps are still running, and you can swap in a freshly charged battery without powering off or interrupting your workflows. Zebra’s new battery also provides real-time stats on life, health and performance, for better battery management.

Easy Indoor and Outdoor Display Viewing

Touchscreen usability and both indoor and outdoor viewing are important in many mobile workflows, so the MC9400 features a large 4.3-inch display with advanced technology to provide exceptional brightness and visibility.

The Latest Android Usability

The MC9400 series includes built-in OS support through Android 17, with security and OS updates and over 100 optional new features.

Ultra-Rugged Toughness

Like all Zebra devices, the MC9400 is ultra-rugged and ideal for years of dependable performance without expensive repairs or replacements. It’s waterproof and drop-proof, can be fully submerged in water, withstand extreme temperature, humidity, and shock, and is built with Corning® Gorilla Glass® for maximum scratch and shatter resistance.

Biometric Facial Recognition

Passwords are a constant risk for compromise and vulnerability due to hacking or sharing, so the MC9400 provides biometric facial recognition, so users can authenticate their identity and access their device without using passwords.

Purpose-Built Freezer and Non-Incendive Models

The MC9400’s standard models come with Wi-Fi or both Wi-Fi and 5G wireless, but if you use your devices in cold storage or hazardous environments where flammable gases or materials are present, there are specialized freezer and non-incendive models. The MC9400 freezer model includes a heated touch panel and scanner exit window, plus a freezer-rated battery and both temperature and humidity sensors. The non-incendive model is a Class I/II/II Div 2 certified mobile computer that eliminates the risk of fires and explosions due to sparks inside the device.

Powerful and Accurate Device Locating

Lost and misplaced devices can cost thousands of dollars to replace, but you can say goodbye to those headaches with Zebra’s Device Tracker, which allows you to use your device’s network connection, network maps, proximity indicators, and remote ringing to quickly and easily locate it. But you can also find your device, even if it’s not powered up and connected to your network, by using Device Tracker and optional Bluetooth battery beacons, which continue to transmit a ping for days, even if your device has powered off due to low battery.

How to Get Full Specs, Pricing, and a Free Demo.

From the long list of highlights we’ve presented here, you hopefully have a good sense of why our industrial mobility experts are raving about the new MC9400 series. But, to learn more, you can download our spec sheet for additional details, and you can contact our team to schedule a free demo, request specialized pricing for your business, and get answers to any of your questions.

The right device always depends on your business and mobility needs, your budget, and your workflows, so feel free to consult with our experts for a professional recommendation. To get started, contact us now.