Employee Spotlight – Vicky Berger Yakir

profile photo vicky


This month’s employee spotlight shines brightly on a truly remarkable member of our team, who has seamlessly transitioned from a role as a customer service representative to leading the Israel call center’s dynamic team. With a decade of dedicated service at Dangot before bringing her talents to our family, she exemplifies the spirit of growth and dedication that defines our company culture.


Starting as a customer service representative, she quickly became known for her exceptional ability to connect with and resolve customer issues, a skill that has only sharpened over the years. Her journey through the ranks, including a significant role in the RMA department, and her triumphant return from maternity leave to take on the leadership of the call center, reflects not just a career path but a personal evolution within the company.

What drives her is a deep-rooted passion for the company’s success intertwined with a genuine love for people. Her years in the service department have ingrained a satisfaction in turning challenging customer interactions into positive outcomes. She brings a unique perspective to her role, a product of growing and evolving alongside the company, treating every customer case with unparalleled sensitivity and insight. On the professional front, her ambition is to revolutionize how service calls are initiated, moving towards more creative, ‘self-service’ solutions. Personally, she aspires to broaden her expertise beyond customer service, fostering the same growth in today’s service representatives that she experienced.

Her background, as a daughter of immigrants, has instilled a resilient work ethic and a belief in the power of hard work to achieve success. She encourages her colleagues to embrace learning and development, echoing the company’s ethos of continuous innovation and the nurturing of talent from within. Her journey illustrates the company’s ability to bring out the best in its people, encouraging everyone to grow and succeed.


Outside of work, family takes center stage. She treasures creating and sharing memorable moments with her loved ones. Whether it’s enjoying swimming trips with her baby or ensuring quality time is spent with her husband during his weekends off from reserve duty, family time is sacred.

Vicky with her family