What Expert Analysts Are Saying About OmniQ

omniQ was recently featured in a research article by Ashok Kumar, PhD, CFA of Think Equity.

His findings show just how incredible omniQ is doing and how phenomenal our future looks.

Key Points

Supply Chain – Data Analytics and Intelligence Platforms. Many supply chain organizations are

looking to speed up end-to-end decision-making based on connected data sources, allowing

them to react to current and anticipated future disruptions quickly. Vying for a bigger share

of the supply chain data analytics and intelligence technology market, OMNIQ is repositioning

its solutions to span broader capabilities. This has resulted in offering an encompassing data

platform in support of augmented data intelligence in the supply chain.

Acquisition offers an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of OMNIQ’s AI solutions to automate the supply chain.

With the acquisition of Dangot, OMNIQ has created a $91

million 2020 pro forma revenue company. The acquisition provides key capabilities in AI,

object identification, and automation company, technology building blocks to drive growth and

stronger financial results.

Contract Win Highlights.

Machine Vision Security Solution at Port of Ashdod. During the third

quarter, OMNIQ received an order to deploy Q Shield, its AI-based machine vision security

solution, at Port of Ashdod (Israel).

Machine Vision Solution at Strategic Border Checkpoint. Also during the third quarter, OMNIQ

received an order to deploy its AI-based MV solution at the border checkpoint between Israel

and Jordan.

Campus Management. The company received a 10-year contract from La Sierra University to

deploy its PERCS software for campus management.

Airport AI Technology Deployments. OMNIQ announced its AI-based OMNIQ vision solution

would be deployed at Miami International Airport. OMNIQ vision is now deployed at 40-plus

airports including Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, Los Angeles International Airport, and John F.

Kennedy Airport in New York.

Continued Order Momentum. After the quarter ended, OMNIQ announced more than $13

million in purchase orders in October.

Self-Order Kiosks. OMNIQ announced in the third quarter that Aroma, the largest coffee chain

as Israel, had selected Dangot to provide its self-service kiosks. By the end of 2022, OMNIQ will

install 250 self-ordering kiosks at the Aroma Israeli branches.

Dangot’s innovative product offerings continue to be adopted in Israel and are also a fit for

OMNIQ’s target markets.OMNIQ offers a comprehensive solution under one roof, combining

AI solutions, supply chain automation solutions and the new Dangot product. This supports

the company’s road map to be a leading provider through object identification of unique

automation and efficiency solutions.


OMNIQ offers a comprehensive platform solution that combines all three of its offerings – AI

solutions, supply chain automation, and the new Dangot offerings. OMNIQ’s total offering is a

competitive differentiator and provides value-add for customers. The comprehensive approach

is an evolution of the company’s product roadmap to a platform provider of turnkey object

identification solutions that enables supply chain automation and related efficiencies.

OMNIQ has been selected by several cities for long-term installment of AI machine vision

systems for public safety and law enforcement. The acquisition of Dangot, creates many new

opportunities, in addition to improving the balance sheet, profitability, and cash flow.


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