The Ideal Dual-Purpose Vehicle-Mounted And Mobile Computing Solution

Whether it’s a forklift driver in your warehouse or a delivery driver out on the road, the right mobile computing technology can make or break your workflow efficiency. On the one hand, vehicle-mounted computers are a great way to deliver real-time access to business applications, order and picking information, and route and scheduling details.

However, while vehicle mounted computers such as Zebra’s VC80 can be moved from vehicle to vehicle by using a quick-release mount, they’re not designed to be handheld computers. If you need a device that can work like a desktop computer in a vehicle but can also be taken with you into a warehouse aisle or to a customer’s door, a traditional vehicle-mounted computer is not the right option.

These devices also don’t have built-in barcode scanning capabilities, so you have to connect a peripheral scanning device to get that functionality.

On the other hand, traditional handheld mobile computers are great for true mobility, allowing workers to carry them wherever they need, and they come with built-in barcode scanning capabilities, so there’s no need to connect or pair it with a wired or wireless barcode scanner.

However, handheld mobile computers aren’t designed to be vehicle-mounted devices. While you can mount them inside vehicles with the right hardware, the touch screen and form factor might be smaller than drivers prefer for safe and easy reading as well as interactivity and overall ease of use.

This is where a rugged enterprise-grade tablet computer often emerges as the ideal solution. Tablet computers are a way to bring together both worlds of a vehicle-mounted computer and an easily removable and fully mobile tablet.

For example, Zebra’s ET50/55 enterprise tablets can be mounted in a forklift, truck, or other vehicle with a quick-release Zebra cradle/holder. This allows the devices to serve as a larger-screen computer with touch, stylus, and even gloved finger interactions—all while being removable for use as a mobile tablet.

The ET50/55 is a rugged device with enterprise-class features and an optional ultra-rugged frame for extreme durability, both indoors and outdoors. It runs your choice of Android 6.0 or Windows 10, contains an Intel quad core 1.59 GHz processor, and comes 4 GB of LPDDR3 RAM to power even the most graphics- and resource-intensive business apps.

With a choice between an 8.3 inch or 10.1 inch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen, you also get a large, easy-to-read screen with three methods of data entry: an active stylus or a finger, with or without a glove. All three methods work even if the screen is wet.

Each device includes two integrated cameras for image capture, barcode scanning, and video calls, with optional advanced scanning engines for intensive capture of even the dirtiest and most difficult to read barcodes.

The ET50/55 also supports GPS, NFC, and fast Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections, including Wi-Fi with the ET50 and 4G LTE with the ET55. Additionally, IP65 sealing provides a dust-free design that can handle a full-force hose-down, while the optional extra-rugged frame helps the device withstand numerous drops to concrete from up to 5.9 ft.

These and the many other features of the ET50/55 are why our team at omniQ has been recommending these devices as the ideal dual purpose vehicle-mounted and mobile computing solution.

You get vehicle-mounting, a mobile tablet, and enterprise-grade computing, scanning, and more—all in a single device that can save you money on buying peripheral or extra devices.

To learn more about Zebra’s ET50/55 tablets, you can download our product sheet or contact omniQ to get answers to your questions.