Employee Spotlight: Isreali omniQ Team Members Called to Serve in IDF

We decided to spotlight the members of our team currently serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

omniQ Team Members Called to Serve

Israel Defense forces soldier portrait

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’ll take a moment to honor and express our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable individuals from our Israeli team who have been called to serve in the reserve forces. These dedicated employees have answered the call of duty, and their unwavering commitment is truly commendable. As they step forward to serve their country, they embody the values of dedication and selflessness that we hold dear in our organization.

We acknowledge the immense sacrifice that these employees and their families are making, as they willingly put their professional responsibilities on hold to safeguard their nation. We extend our thoughts and prayers for their safety, well-being, and a swift and peaceful resolution to the challenges they may encounter in their service.

The safety and security of every member of our team, both on and off the job, remain our topmost priority. We stand united in support of our colleagues in the reserve and all those serving in the defense of their country. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and may you all return safely to your loved ones.

Israel Defense Forces