How omniQ’s AI Enhances Security in Cities, Schools, Business and More

An increasing number of cities, schools, hospitals and more are utilizing vehicle recognition systems to enhance security and safety efforts. One company, omniQ has developed an AI based vehicle recognition system that can detect and alert authorities of vehicles that may be a risk or threaten safety. Our main focus is on law enforcement agencies, but the potential uses go well beyond this, including schools, transportation centers, businesses with large parking lots or campuses and more. This blog will discuss how the Qshield product works, and the various ways it can be utilized to help ensure safety within communities and business locations across the globe.

Why it is useful:

Billions of dollars are spent annually trying to protect assets and people from attacks. However, an unfortunate fact of the world we live in today is that it’s impossible to stop these threats from occurring completely. Instead of protecting what we have with traditional means that have proven to be ineffective, the smarter approach would be to eliminate the threat before it has the ability to strike. Our vehicle recognition system allows users to do just that! Our Convolution Neural Network (SeeNN) has the ability to see and process data instantly while simultaneously scanning local and national hot lists for threats.

Some examples of implementation:

EX 1: A potential terrorist on a national watch list rents a vehicle in Wyoming before heading to an attack in Utah. Once he arrives at the destination of the attack, his vehicle is scanned in less than a 100th of a milisecond while entering the mall parking lot. The authorities are instantly alerted and security enforcement within the mall executes a procotionary lock down.
EX 2: An amber alert is issued for an abducted child, the only information provided to the authorites is a description of a white ford SUV, with Texas plates. Filters are then applied to automatically detect vehicles matching that description. The vehicle is detected on the freeway & authorities are automatically alerted of the location and dispatched.
EX 3: A former employee attempts to gain access to the premises after verbal threats of harm to management. The COO had already listed his vehicle under the companies “watch list” within the system. Upon arrival, access through the gate is denied, the building goes into lock down, & the authorities are alerted and dispatched.
EX 4: A mother is concerned about comments and behaviours her son made recently. Despite not having committed any crimes, he has a violent past, and she is afraid something might happen. She alerts the police, who then add him to a watch list. Later that week, a local elementary school with omniQ’s system installed is automatically alerted of his arrival, they quickly begin lockdown, with no need to call the police because they are already on their way.


These are just a few examples of how our systems can effectively assist in making our world a safer place for everyone. Our advanced technology ensures enhanced security for your campus, city or neighborhood. If you are interested in learning more, email omniQ at