Employee Spotlight – Shay Manzur

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Shay Manzur, with over 25 years in the office machinery field, has made significant strides since joining Dangot three years ago. His journey began as a technician in the 90s, transitioning into sales in 2003 with renowned brands like XEROX and EPSON.

In 2021, Shay shifted to Dangot’s sales department, marking a pivotal change in his career. The following year, he spearheaded the creation of a digital signage division, a leap from traditional printing to innovative digital solutions. This move was driven by his passion for more sustainable, paperless information presentation methods, aligning with green energy trends.

Shay’s deep knowledge in printing has been vital in promoting digital signage as a cost-effective and versatile alternative. A memorable achievement was implementing a comprehensive signage solution for a supermarket chain in Jerusalem, signifying customer trust in this new technology.

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In his role at omniQ, Shay aims to expand digital signage globally across various sectors. His personal ethos is mirrored in omniQ’s culture, which he describes as a “place of opportunities.” Shay’s advice for future talents emphasizes open-mindedness and the importance of client relationships.

Shay’s journey reflects a blend of innovation, environmental awareness, and a drive for continuous growth, making him a key figure in the industry. 

Away from work, Shay is a family man, happily married with three children. His love for fishing, nature jeep trips, and a passion for smoked and grilled meats paint the picture of a well-rounded individual. He describes the culture at omniQ as a “place of opportunities,” which resonates deeply with his personal and professional ethos.

While we're on the Subject ...

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Our solutions are particularly effective in retail and corporate settings, where engaging customers and communicating effectively are paramount, thanks to our innovative technology. Our Electronic Signage is distinguished by its adaptability and customization options. 


 These displays are designed to meet specific needs, whether for advertising purposes, information sharing, or ambiance enhancement. This flexibility allows our signage to be used in a variety of settings, including malls, hotels, and public areas, making omniQ’s offerings a versatile asset for multiple industries.

At omniQ, we are at the forefront of the electronic signage industry, providing state-of-the-art digital display solutions. Our electronic signage is renowned for its vivid imagery and dynamic content capabilities, transforming the way information is conveyed across various sectors. 


Digital Signage

Ease of use is central to omniQ’s electronic signage. We design our systems with intuitive interfaces, ensuring effortless content management and updates. This approach ensures that our signage is accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Furthermore, our electronic signage solutions can integrate smoothly with existing digital infrastructures, offering a cohesive and user-friendly experience for both operators and viewers.

At omniQ, sustainability is a guiding principle, and our electronic signage embodies this ethos. By reducing the dependence on traditional print materials, our digital solutions present an eco-friendlier alternative. They are also cost-effective over time, eliminating the ongoing expenses associated with printing and distributing physical materials. Our electronic signage is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to minimize their environmental impact while improving their communication methods.