Employee Spotlight – Margo Goodrich

Margo banner image

Dynamic Director of Finance

In the spotlight this month is Margo Goodrich, the dynamic Director of Finance at omniQ®. Margo, known for her love of math and accounting since childhood, joined our team to bring order and efficiency to our finances. She started as an accounting manager, focusing on cleaning up our books and implementing NetSuite. Today, she manages the consolidation of our global finances and the U.S. team.

Margo’s unique skill set, especially her expertise in ERP systems, has been a game-changer for omniQ®. Her accomplishments include implementing NetSuite, re-engineering the maintenance contracts and invoicing process, and playing a key role in our uplisting to Nasdaq. Recently, she secured a new line of credit, marking another significant achievement.

Looking ahead, Margo aims to boost our margins through new costing projects, enhancing profitability and cash flow. Her strong work ethic, shaped by her early years of hard work, continues to inspire her approach to challenges.

Outside The Office

Margo’s passions include golfing, bowling, softball, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. When asked to describe omniQ’s culture, she sums it up as “Multi-cultural family fun.” For those starting in finance or looking to join omniQ, her advice is to learn continuously, as knowledge always proves valuable.

To our clients and partners, Margo represents the diligent and innovative spirit of OmniQ’s financial team, continually striving for excellence and efficiency in all we do.