Employee Spotlight – Ellen Holloway

Ellen Holloway

An Industry Leader

Ellen seamlessly transitioned to omniQ’s mobility sales department following the merger of Quest Solution and BCS Solution. Her journey into this dynamic field started organically, beginning as an assistant manager at Vons and later moving to a software company. In 1990, armed with knowledge of mobile computers, Ellen secured an engineering role at Norand, setting the course for her career characterized by passion and evolving expertise. As a systems engineer, Ellen brings a unique perspective to her role, actively supporting customers in technical intricacies and decision-making. Her multifaceted approach distinguishes her, making a significant impact on both technical aspects and customer relationships.

With decades at omniQ, Ellen’s commitment is evident in her enduring relationships, such as with Garda Cash Logistics, where she has led six upgrades for their extensive fleet of armored trucks. Looking ahead, Ellen envisions her role evolving within omniQ’s framework, focusing on bringing in sales and new customers while guiding and supporting junior team members. Outside of work, Ellen finds joy in family, particularly with wedding plans for her engaged daughter, and shared experiences at sporting events with her husband. Regular exercise is her mental break and a diligently upheld routine, contributing to her personal well-being.

Ellen imparts valuable advice to those entering her field, emphasizing the significance of starting small, earning trust, and maintaining customer-centric values. As she celebrates two decades with omniQ, her journey stands as a testament to perseverance, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the company and its valued clients.

Legacy & Stability

The Mobility Division is the heartbeat of omniQ, leveraging the legacy and experience of its diverse team. From seasoned veterans to fresh talents, each member contributes to the division’s success, shaping the company’s trajectory in the dynamic landscape of mobility solutions.

This division’s defining contributions lie in its active engagement in mobility sales. Handling technical intricacies and assisting clients in decision-making, the team plays a crucial role in propelling omniQ to the forefront of the competitive mobility solutions market


Integral to the Mobility Division’s success are strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Zebra and Honeywell. These collaborations bolster omniQ’s capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to cutting-edge solutions and reinforcing the division’s position as a dynamic force in the market.

In conclusion, omniQ’s Mobility Division isn’t just a legacy business; it’s a dynamic force driving innovation. With a team of diverse experts and strategic partnerships, this division propels omniQ to new heights in the competitive realm of mobility solutions.