The Easy Way to Meet Walmart’s RFID Requirements

Get Your Business Ready for RFID

Walmart is implementing RFID product labeling requirements for suppliers of five additional product categories on August 17, 2022. Here’s what you need to know and how to act quickly with an easy way to meet RFID Walmart’s requirements.

What’s Changing and When

Beginning June 3, 2022, all Walmart suppliers listed in the categories below must already be applying RFID tags or labels on their products or packaging, to ensure that items can be identified, located and tracked as they’re received, displayed and sold.

All suppliers will need to take action to ensure RFID labeling or tagging compliance and maintain their status with Walmart. Once your company has implemented RFID, it will need to continue to label and tag products or packaging accordingly.

Getting Familiar with RFID

All suppliers will need to take action to ensure RFID labeling or tagging compliance and maintain their status with Walmart. Once your company has implemented RFID, it will need to continue to label and tag products or packaging accordingly.

Included Walmart Product Categories

  • Apparel (already implemented as of 2020)
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys
  • Automotive batteries

How Does RFID Work?

  • RFID works like Wi-Fi, tracking and locating items using wireless radio signals as well as RFID readers and antennas.
  • To track an item, an RFID label or tag is printed and applied to the product or its packaging.
  • Each RFID label or tag contains tiny microtransmitters and a microchip with a unique ID to identify, track and locate the item. An RFID printer encodes the label or tag with the required ID and everything you need for tracking.

  • RFID readers are used to read these labels or tags, identifying items and matching them to the same ID in a database, software program or inventory management system, where its status and location are updated in real time.

RFID’s Big Benefits

Customer Satisfaction

When inventory isn’t accurate and products are out of stock or not on the store shelf, it’s a lost sale and a bad experience for customers, especially when online ordering as well as in-store pickups and curbside pickups are the new normal. That’s why Walmart will use RFID to ensure your products are available and in stock when customers are ready to buy.

Inventory Accuracy

Adding RFID labels to your products or packaging helps Walmart track those items as they’re received, displayed and sold in stores. This enables real-time inventory accuracy that ensures your products are in stock.

Product Sales

Better inventory accuracy means more sales for Walmart, better satisfaction for Walmart customers, and more replenishment and growth opportunity for your business.

Business Efficiency

RFID labels and tags can be read by the thousands in seconds or minutes. This means companies such as Walmart and your business can use RFID labels to automate your inventory and processes for improved efficiency, increased accuracy, better supply chain visibility, and major cost and labor savings.

RFID Costs

Most retail RFID tracking is done with passive RFID using UHF (ultra-high frequency) labels or tags. These are the least expensive types of labels and tags, and they can cost as little as a few cents each in high volumes.

Your exact cost will depend on the specific label or tag you need to use as well as whether you’re doing your own RFID printing and encoding. You can learn more by contacting us below to explore your options.

Getting Started with RFID

OmniQ has been helping companies implement RFID labeling, tagging and tracking for well over a decade, and we work closely with our RFID technology partners at Zebra to help you at every step of the way. We provide complete RFID solutions, planning, implementation, and support so you can quickly meet Walmart’s requirements and stay focused on your business.

DIY or Outsourced RFID

With Zebra RFID solutions, you have two great options to meet Walmart’s new requirements.

  • We’ll help you get set up with Zebra RFID printers and labels or tags so you can start applying RFID labels to your products or packaging and get going right away.
  • Alternatively, you can have Zebra print and encode your RFID labels for you, shipping them to you so you can apply them to your products or packaging.

Zebra RFID Printers

Zebra industrial RFID printers are the industry leading choice for RFID printing and encoding, with easy integration with your existing devices and systems, centralized and remote printer management, and ruggedly durable performance you can depend on for years.

Zebra RFID Labels and Tags

Zebra provides a completely portfolio of RFID labels and tags to meet Walmart’s exact specifications for every product category, including specialized options for virtually any application.

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