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omniQ offers mobility solutions for the energy industry that help ensure field service optimization and greater productivity.

The energy industry faces unique challenges. Public utilities, oil and gas companies, distributors, and other stakeholders must maintain and monitor widely distributed assets in often harsh environmental conditions including requirements for intrinsically safe equipment. At the same time, they must meet high levels of customer service and regulatory compliance requirements. omniQ offers mobility solutions for the energy industry that help ensure field service optimization and greater productivity.

Asset Tracking

Energy industry assets include remote power stations, underground power lines, offshore oil rigs, and pumps and other equipment that are stationed in isolated, rural areas. Managing and monitoring this equipment can be challenging. omniQ can provide rugged mobile technology, barcode and RFID tracking, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, and asset management software that can automate asset tracking, reduce losses, and improve equipment utilization. Smart lockers with built-in asset management software can provide access to key equipment only to authorized personnel while making sure device usage is tracked to provide preventative maintenance to keep products in service.

Field Technician Connectivity

Field technicians need reliable mobile computing and wireless communication to effectively service remotely located assets and update back-end business systems. omniQ can provide mobility solutions for the energy industry that improve response rates, first-time fix rates, productivity, and profitability by giving workers access to the information they need at the point of activity including repair information, equipment / customer histories, technical diagrams, and more. This field connectivity can extend beyond simple data entry or connectivity to interactive wearable video technology so experts can help the on-site personnel at the location and at the time required.

Parts Inventory

Remote service supply chains can be difficult to manage manually; predicting which parts will be needed where and when is impossible if you don’t have a real-time view of those parts. omniQ offers barcode scanning, RFID, smart tag, mobility, and inventory optimization solutions that make it easier to locate the right parts and get them into the hands of your technicians quickly. This improves first-time fix rates and boost customer service.

simplified management process

Fleet Management

Energy companies operate expensive vehicle fleets that present a number of cost and safety challenges. omniQ’s combination of onboard mobile computers and fleet management expertise can help improve safety through driver behavior monitoring, improve efficiency through more efficient routing, and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary idling, speeding, and other wasteful practices. Further, the IIoT technologies can ensure hazardous materials (hazmat) are environmentally controlled properly and drivers abide by hazmat route restrictions.

Remote Communications

Communicating with remote workers in an efficient manner is not an easy task, and it can be difficult to synchronize critical data. omniQ’s WTMiP server helps synchronize files between the corporate host and remote workers using a wide array of communication options. It can eliminate redundant data entry and provides built-in security features to protect business-critical information.

Outdoor Labeling

When assets or equipment are exposed to the weather, it can lead to faded or damaged barcode labels and unreliable scanning which undercuts the effectiveness of data collection and asset tracking systems. omniQ offers specialty labeling products that are durable and weather-proof, making them ideal for the types of extreme conditions experienced in energy industry applications.

Technology That Fuels Energy Industry Productivity

omniQ’s mix of mobility solutions for the energy industry includes the rugged hardware, printing solutions, barcode and RFID labels, and advanced software that can optimize your field operations. omniQ understands the complex requirements of the energy industry, and can design and deploy the right solution for your business.

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