SeeMobile™ is omniQ's innovative mobile license plate inventory (LPI) system. The solution provides real-time occupancy counts, inventory statistics, and custom reporting. And SeeMobile works hand-in-hand with omniQ PERCS™ for parking enforcement and citation management.

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Manage Inventory,
Monitor Occupancy,
Enforce Policies

SeeMobile allows enforcement vehicles to capture license plate data using specialized imaging units as they travel a pre-determined route through a parking facility. The system then matches this data against hot lists and other lists, providing updated inventory and occupancy counts by location, such as garage, lot, floor, and row. The data is automatically synced to the SeeMobile server for administration, management, and reporting. The data can also be synced to the omniQ PERCS server, which can identify vehicle overstays or permit violations.

SeeMobile supports up to four dual-head imaging units and two tire stem cameras per vehicle.

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Why SeeMobile?

  • Thanks to SeeNN – omniQ’s AI-driven, deep learning neural network – omniQ LPR delivers outstanding accuracy in all weather conditions and with all types of plates.
  • Manage enforcement, citation, appeals, and payment collection via PERCS.
  • Complete occupancy and inventory capabilities for facilities of any size both on- and off-street.
  • Capitalize on GPS and geofencing capabilities.
  • Locate lost vehicles instantly by partial license plate.
  • Identify parking fraud and vehicle overstays.

An Intelligent User Interface

  • Use a keyboard or touchscreen for convenience.
  • Left/right direction indicator alerts operator which side the “hit” is on.
  • Operator can view and edit captured data.
  • Communicates in real time with the central server to update occupancy and citation data.
  • Driver can change routes on the fly.
  • Configurable visual and audible real-time notifications.

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