Q-Post EZ Edge VRS Bollard

The Q-Post EZ Edge™ vehicle recognition system (VRS) Bollard is engineered for indoor or outdoor parking and access control applications that require ease of deployment, superior performance in all lighting and weather conditions, and integration with EZ infrastructure.

Q-Post EZ Edge VRS Bollard

Onboard Technology

The Q-Post EZ Edge VRS Bollard brings with it everything required for high-performance license plate recognition (LPR) and vehicle recognition. The 2MP imaging unit was engineered specifically for high accuracy and short range. The Q-Post can be placed as close as 6 ft. from the vehicle capture point. The onboard EZ Edge lane controller processes image data in real time using SeeNN software. The lane controller also manages event triggers, including virtual loops. And the bollard’s auxiliary LED light source complements the camera’s built-in illumination to ensure no vehicle plates – even non-reflective ones – will go unread, day or night.

Close Operation

Place the bollard as close as 6 ft. from the vehicle capture point.

All Necessary Tech Onboard

The bollard comes with everything you need for parking applications: an onboard imaging unit, lane controller, and auxiliary light source.

Day and Night Operation

Read license plates - even non-reflective ones - 24/7/365.

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Proven VRS Solution

The EZ Edge VRS solution has been successfully deployed in all 50 U.S. states – including at nearly 50 major airports – and throughout more than 40 countries around the world. At its core is SeeNN™, omniQ’s proprietary AI-based, deep-learning VRS engine. SeeNN processes the plate, its jurisdiction, and vehicle attributes like make and color – all in 100ms or less.

Customizable, All-Weather Materials

All exterior components of the Q-Post EZ Edge VRS Bollard are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They are also powder-coated to provide years of reliable service. Even better, the bollard can be customized with your own logo and brand colors. Or it can be made to seamlessly blend into the background.