Employee Spotlight – Ohad Elzafan

ohad elzafan headshot

Meet Ohad Elzafan

This month, we are excited to spotlight one of our dedicated team members, who has been a cornerstone of omniQ’s success: our Support Team Manager in the Professional Services division for our vision products.

Professional Evolution

Starting his journey with us over a decade ago, he began as a QA manual tester and eventually transitioned to the support team. His journey is one of drive and dedication. From his early days of ensuring quality assurance to now leading a team, his growth within the company mirrors the resolve he brings to his role every day.

His inspiration comes from a genuine desire to provide top-notch service and see our customers fully satisfied with our products. Working closely with the R&D team, he continually strives to push the boundaries, enhancing our products and taking them to new heights. His open-mindedness, competitiveness, and drive to see omniQ become the best in the industry are truly commendable.

A standout moment in his career was during a project in Sacramento. Tasked with commissioning three MLPI vehicles, he faced a challenging week alongside the project manager. Despite not being a salesperson, his deep knowledge of our products and unwavering belief in their superiority led to a successful sign-off, securing approval for our systems.

Coming from a background with no prior experience and without an advanced academic degree, he has always felt the need to prove himself, working tirelessly to push beyond limitations. This strong work ethic is something he attributes to his upbringing and personal drive.

Ohad and his daughter

If he were to describe the culture at omniQ in three words, they would be dedication, passion, and innovation. His advice to newcomers or those aspiring to join the omniQ family is simple yet profound: work hard, prove yourself, get involved, and think outside the box.

He leaves us with a final note for our clients and partners: “We are doing our best and working hard to eventually grow and deliver the best products possible in the market.”


Outside of work, he has a variety of passions that might surprise you. He enjoys playing the guitar, drawing, and sports. These hobbies not only provide a creative outlet but also keep him energized and inspired.

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The professional services department at omniQ is the backbone of our successful deployments and service of vision products. This team, faced with the formidable challenge of integrating advanced technology components, thrives on solving complex problems.

Every day is a blend of dynamic activities including engaging in meetings, tackling new customer challenges, and working with the Research & Development (R&D) team. These interactions ensure that our solutions are continuously refined and tailored to meet the highest standards.

A significant transformation within the department has been the collective approach to change. The team believes that true progress stems from collaborative efforts involving sales, operations, support, and R&D.

Striving for Excellence

This holistic approach is seen as the only path to achieving sustained success. Since its inception, the Vision Support Department has made remarkable strides in improving its processes. The team and Ohad have developed new scripts, designed graphics, and created user-friendly manuals for customers, all aimed at providing robust solutions and enhancing customer experience.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Vision Support Department is the camaraderie among its members. The friendly atmosphere is palpable, with strong bonds formed in the U.S. and IL teams. This sense of teamwork and mutual respect not only makes the work environment enjoyable but also drives the department’s success.

This team is responsible for traveling all over to customer locations; climbing ladders, standing in traffic lanes, and sitting in windowless rooms for as long as it takes. They’re out there deploying our products and making adjustments in rain, snow, heat, and sunshine.

In summary, the Vision Support Department at omniQ exemplifies the spirit of innovation and collaboration. Their commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology and providing top-notch customer service sets them apart. The team’s dedication and camaraderie are at the heart of their success, making the department a cornerstone of omniQ’s mission to deliver exceptional vision products.